A Lesson in Pricing – Courtesy of My Dogs’Vet

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  • October 19, 2007

Milo is awfully grouchy at that vet for ripping 12 teeth out of his head!Earlier this week we had to take our dog, Milo, into the vet to have his teeth cleaned. We’ve owned him for 2 years and haven’t had him in for that work since we got him – we knew it was time.So I dropped the eager little guy off in the morning and got a call later that morning from the doctor just to let me know he was going under and she would be starting soon. She also told me “a couple” of his teeth will need to come out. Ok, not a problem.Later that afternoon I went in to pick him up and was chatting up the lady behind the counter about all they did to him, only to find out they didn’t pull “a couple” teeth – they pulled 12! Yes, 12 little doggy teeth. She said a lot were pulled because of overcrowding, a common problem with Pugs. The real kicker in all of this is they charge you per tooth they rip out! PER TOOTH! That was the most expensive line item on the bill. More than the doctor’s fees, more than the anesthesia, even more than the drugs they sent us home with!Could you imagine what would happen if we charged per word of copy we changed or per line of code we changed?!?

Yes, Mr Johnson we removed 14 words and added 10. That will be $6,394.

The backlash would be huge and we would be out of business! Yet, when I tried to explain this to the lady behind the counter she acted as if no one had ever questioned this process of charging per tooth.With this pricing structure what would stop the doctor from just ripping all his teeth out and really raking me over?I guess my point is, if you’re in there and you’ve already got your hands dirty and can take care of additional items at that time – don’t charge me for each additional item! I can guarantee you will have happier, more satisfied customers exiting your facility.