Here are a couple reasons for why you might want to build your own:

1. Express who you are: A new backdrop can really help people understand who you are as a business and an individual. I use my background to display my business but I also ‘sprinkle’ in a few things about me personally… for example, my love for cooking, my passion for outdoor photography and how all of those things tie back into who I am as a business and a business owner.

2. Additional contact: It’s an easy way to add additional information that you might not be able to plug into your 160 character bio.

3. What’s your brand: Having your contact information, your face, or additional bio information within your background is a common practice. It helps potential followers understand what you do, why you are someone people should follow and how to contact you direct.

4. Why not… it’s fun: It’s really another platform to show off your creativity and style. I use Twitter to showcase more I Love Nevada photography. I change the background images out once every couple of weeks to keep it fresh and entertaining. Follow me on Twitter.

To learn more about how to design and setup a custom Twitter background, give me a call at 626-8330.

Twitter Backgrounds