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Testimonials, References and Real Outcomes Matter Most

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Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - Westard Strategy Nevada Webdesign CompanyHow do you convert a business prospect into a believer that what you are selling holds the true value regardless of what your competitors are selling? It boils down to testimonials and references.

True Website and Marketing Testimonials, References and ‘Real’ Outcomes Matter Most
Testimonials are and should be considered true marketing if they are written honestly, with real facts and the ability for new business to contact your references direct if needed. They provide the much-needed ‘proof’ for waivering prospects and can be used to convert more easily if given the ability and access.

It’s easy for us at Westward to sell ourselves and make promises that we have businesses best interest in the forefront of our minds but it can be an up hill battle to sing our own praises when we have other website and online marketing competitors that might brow beat us simply by price. Inorder to be able to compete in such a saturated and competitive internet marketplace here are four tips for how we make honest and competitive use of our testimonials:

1) Westward doesn’t over-edit. Our testimonials work best when they are in real people language. The real written language helps our readers connect which demonstrates that we are an honest company looking out for our clients each and every day.

2) Westward uses testimonials that fit. We place appropriate testimonials along with a particular point that we are trying to make and back it up with facts. Call us on it if you want. We’d be happy to deliver the information.

3) Westward never fakes it. While testimonials are crucial, we don’t take the risk to fake them. We figured that most people have well-trained ‘this is a crock’ detector and they can smell a fake a mile away. If you would like a list of our references – contact me direct:

4) Westward always encourages specifics. Whether a client gives us a testimonial on their own or whether we ask them for one, we do ask our clients to be specific on how Westward helped them. Wouldn’t you want to know exactly what we did as far as specifics for the client rather than a bland – yeah Westward Strategy was great cause they just were!

Visit our testimonial page to read ‘real’ accounts of how Westward Strategy has been an asset to our clients or if you would like, contact me direct for a list of references at

Sparks Web Agency Launches Affordable eCommerce Website

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Westward Strategy is proud to announce a recently launched robust eCommerce web solution for a Las Vegas Client: Furniture Etc USA ( Westward Strategy provided an affordable ecommerce solution that used low cost and efficient entry level interns to help facilitate the loading of the website. This in turn kept overall cost down for the client.

About Furniture Etc USA
Furniture. Art, Accessories and more
Specializing in fine furniture and home accessories for the bedroom, dining room, living room, kids and youth furniture and more! 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. Fine furniture and home accessories for the bedroom, dining room, living room, kids and youth furniture and more!

Contact Kristy Crabtree for a website appraisal or Chris Gandolfo for an SEO consultation. Westward Strategy is a Sparks and Reno Web Agency providing cost effective and affordable online marketing solutions. We maximize your revenue with SMART Web Design.

Official Sparks Chamber Welcoming Committee Member

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I am very proud to announce that I am now an official Sparks Chamber Welcoming Committee Member . It was my pleasure to meet the owners of both of these new businesses who recently joined the Sparks Chamber:

The Embroidery Doctor, LLC.
Custom Embroidery, Custom Logos, Screen Printing, Direct to Garment, Athletic Apparel, Business Cards, Signs and Banners and Vehicle Wraps!

385 Freeport Boulevard, Suite 3
Sparks, NV 89431
Phone: 775-358-5151

JAZZ a Louisiana Kitchen
Authentic French Quarter Cafe with FREE WIRELESS. How can you beat the ability to work, listen to live music and eat some fried gator!

1180 Scheels Drive
Suite B-111
Sparks, NV 89434
Phone: 775-657-8659

How Westward Strategy Builds Client Trust

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You can advertise in many ways, from web based to print to word of mouth, but how do you actually get customers and build a clientele? How are your marketing strategies working for you? Do you constantly have to followup to get clients?

Here are just some ways that Westward Strategy Builds Client Trust

1: Testimonials
Westward Strategy encourages all prospective clients to call our current and past clients for a testimonial of our work. You can ask questions that we may be impartial to answer. We also feature testimonials on our website and our brochures.

2: Knowledge
We continue to stay educated in all of our online marketing services. We also continue to only work with professional contractors who are proven in their field of expertise.

3: Examples of Our Web Design and Internet Marketing Work
We show all prospects our portfolio and are happy to show examples of our work or situations that we have been in to be sure to put the prospects mind at ease of what we have experienced.

4: Passion
We believe that passion plays a key part in client trust. We love what we do and believe that a client will feel more comfortable working with a business who has fun.

5: Telling the Truth
We always tell a prospective client the truth – maybe to often. If we can’t do the job, we don’t take it. We believe that it’s better to be able to deliver the BEST JOB rather than a subpar job.

Contact Westward Strategy & Design Group, LLC.
If you are interested in the services we offer, please contact us at (775) 626-8330.

Reno Big Band Music Fundraiser at Bartley Ranch – September 28

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The Reno Big Band Presents: Sunday In The Park
Featuring Special Guests Big Tiny Little and Jakki Ford

In support of a great group of talented musicians and more importantly to support ongoing music education, we wanted to promote the Reno Big Band’s UNR Band Fundraiser Event. The event is held at the Hawkins Amphitheater at Bartley Ranch.

  • Sunday – September 28
  • 5:00PM – 7:00PM

This concert takes place at the Hawkins Amphitheater in Bartley Ranch Regional Park. The outdoor amphitheater is an ideal concert setting with stadium style seating giving all concert-goers amazing views of the musicians.

Reserve your tickets now before it’s too late. Call the Reno Big Band at (775) 324-2161 or visit the website and order tickets online:

Ticket prices for the event are $20.00 for seats and $15.00 for lawn seating.

Big Tiny Little
Big Tiny Little, best known for his role on The Lawrence Welk Show, is a highly successful musician best known for his signature ragtime piano talent. Little has recorded numerous albums and has most recently toured with fellow Welk alumni on the touring Live Lawrence Welk Show. He has played at President Reagan’s inaugural ball and has been featured on the PBS special, Lawrence Welk: Milestones and Memories.

Jakki Ford
Jakki Ford is a jazz vocalist originally from Detroit who now lives in Reno, Nevada. She has been a lead singer in Las Vegas and Reno stage shows. Jakki has a very jazzy vocal style that always thrills music fans throughout Northern Nevada. Her four octave range can take you from Motown to Broadway.

Local Reno Big Band News Coverage:

Humboldt County, Nevada – Job Search Website Now Available

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The Humboldt Development Authority has recently launched a new website service to help local businesses find employees. – A free service that lets all local employers create an account and then post job openings.

“We think this new site will be a state-of-the-art platform for getting employer’s and job seekers together. One of the largest challenges we face in growing the local economy has been the difficulty that our businesses have had finding the employees that they need. This new site will potentially allow us to have a global scope in our recruiting efforts. The site will be a resource 24/7, every day of the year, and have a reach that traditional advertising and job fairs simply do not provide.” – HDA Board Chairman Pat Gray

Why Should a Humboldt County-Nevada, Employer Sign-Up and Use the Job Posting Tool – WinnemuccaWorks.Com?

  • It is a free service.
  • It will give an employer the ability to advertise for employees 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.
  • This method of advertising can reach not only a local audience, but across the entire globe.
  • Should help to attract more tech savy candidates, something every business needs these days in nearly every job position.
  • Postings can be displayed when you want, for just as long as you need them. When not in use they can be archived, then retrieved, updated and reused.
  • Using the most up-to-date search engine optimization technology, WinnemuccaWorks will continue to refine the content and update the site to maximize its rankings on Google, and all the major search engines.
  • This is a case of us all being stronger if we work together. The more content we have, and the more postings that are made, the more powerful and effective the site becomes in attracting workers searching the internet for Nevada jobs.
  • There are many, many job search sites out there, but what will set us apart is that this site will only post jobs for local employers. People looking for jobs in Northern Nevada will find us, and not have to sort though a pile of listings concerning work at home schemes, and jobs that are located elsewhere.

The site was the brain child of the HDA’s Workforce Attraction and Development Committee, and has been designed and created by Westward Strategy of Sparks, Nevada. The funding for WinnemuccaWorks.Com was provided by the Humboldt Development Authority along with a grant from the Nevada Commission on Economic Development.

If you have any question about the site or how to use it, call Bill Sims, Coordinator, Humboldt Development Authority, at (775) 623-1064 or use the “Contact Us” form at

Also featured in the THE HUMBOLDT SUN: July 18-21, 2008
Volume 39, Issue 58. Read the Full Article Local Employment Website Now Avaialble

Humboldt Sun Newspaper

Featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal

Web Design Firm Offers Help to Small Companies

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By Marian Bond •
RGJ Business Section: July 22, 2008

After being a Web design developer for a local company, Kristy Crabtree decided to open her own company. Westward Strategy & Design Group was established to offer professional services to the small companies that might not want to invest large sums of money to get onto the Internet to promote their services or products.

“I had worked my way up in 13 years with my employer, from an apprentice to director of professional services, and I was managing 12 to 15 technical and creative designers,” Crabtree said. “I wanted my company to be more of a boutique agency. More intimate with the customers. Because I have low overhead, I have more time to spend with my clients. I wanted to target a different audience.”

Crabtree started her company from a home office two years ago. She now shares a 2,200-square-foot building in Sparks with ACS Business Insurance Services. Crabtree runs her office with one full-time employee, three technical contractors and herself.

“The technical people do the heavy program duties, set up shopping carts. Things like that,” Crabtree said.

Her customers range from sole proprietors to companies with 15 to 20 employees. “I don’t go after the larger clients. There is a place for them. I did not believe anybody was facilitating the niche market I want,” she said.

Crabtree says that a new customer coming to her needs to understand who his or her audience is. Clients also need to have goals and objectives they want to sell or the service or product they are offering. She stressed that so much is happening on the Web these days that anyone in business needs to have a presence or they will miss out on clients.

Another plus to having a Web site, according to Crabtree, is that analytical reports can be produced to show activity on the site. This type of tracking helps with marketing goals. Her company will produce monthly or quarterly reports as required.

“The typical site will have a home page that tells about the company or information about the team that works with the product or services,” Crabtree said. She also likes to set up a news page that tells more about the company. The Web site will be set up to provide fresh information.

She also advises each company to have its own domain name and to maintain ownership.

Clients interested in art or photography can get stock photos on Web sites. “They are very reasonable in price. If you search long enough online, as we do, you know which photos have not been used,”

She said that her assistant, Chris Gandolfo, a professional photographer, will also do photos.

In planning for a Web site, the company has to decide if it wants to reach a local area or a global audience.

Crabtree said she often has companies with existing sites come for a redesign.

“We first ask if they have any analytical tools to get information as to how a Web site is performing. We find out if anybody has been going to the site. We like to sit back for about a month so we can get information. We will create basically how I would plan to help fix (the site). We don’t want their money to go down the drain. We’re a small business, too. We understand money is important to everybody.”

Crabtree said she is always eager to accommodate the customer’s needs. Her company can set up a Web site in just a short time, but generally takes about two months to finish a detailed product.

The cost of a Web site with Westward Strategy & Design Goup runs as low as $500, but depending upon the content and intricacy can also run $10,000 or more.

Doug Kurkul, CEO of the Reno Sparks Chamber of Commerce, said that last January he entrusted Crabtree’s company to redesign the chamber web site and he said he was quite satisfied with the results.

“I’ve dealt with Web designers for 13 years now,” Kurkul said. “I believe that Westward Strategy & Design is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. They are easy to work with and they have outstanding skills on both technical and on artistic aspects of web design.”

Sports Attack’s Snap Attack in the News

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The Ball Game
Rob Sabo, 7/14/2008 –

A new football-tossing machine by Verdi-based Sports Attack LLC might just give the tiny 13-year-old company a leg-up in the sports throwing-machine industry.

Sports Attack last week introduced its “Snap Attack,â€Â? a throwing machine that simulates the quarterback snap, as well as the passing and kicking aspects of football. The company introduced the machine at football clinics in Georgia and Florida, but Sports Attack co-founder Doug Boehner says it’s too early to gauge feedback for future sales. Read Full Artcle>>

Sports Attack Snap Attack Football Throwing Machine

All of us at Westward have had the privilege of working with Sports Attack, LLC for a few months now and have helped them exceed their sales goals by adding search engine marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to their arsenal of marketing tactics. Their passion for their business is evident in every pitching machine, serving machine, and now football throwing machine that leave their facility.

It has been a rewarding experience to work with such passionate people!

Update: Top 10 Rankings in under 2 weeks with 1 link

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It’s been one month since I originally wrote about our client, Creating Effective Organization, and how their new website received top ten rankings in under 2 weeks. I thought I would revisit the subject and check their rankings a month later.

Not much has changed in the past month. The title tags and the descriptions are still the global setup we implemented when the site went live and little to no content has changed since launch date as well. So, it’s no surprise that that a couple of our rankings have slipped a few spots. The content is slowly starting to get stale and I suspect the duplicate titles and descriptions will have a greater impact in the coming month.

However we can no longer say the site has only one link from our blog. We did release one article through a few article marketing websites and that has generated about a dozen links back to the site.

June 7, 2008

  • ceo skills development program – #1
  • skill development – #5
  • leadership skills development – #9
  • ceo lack of leadership – #11

July 8, 2008

  • ceo skills development program – #2
  • skill development – #7
  • leadership skills development – #7
  • leadership skill development – #1
  • ceo lack of leadership – #23
  • NEW! – small business coaching gym – #7

Are these the most competitive phrases? Not necessarily, but the traffic they are driving is more direct and average time on site is much higher than other sources of traffic. Conversion rate is ok, but definitely not where we want it to be – yet. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.