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Westward Strategy: E-marketing Enhances the Bottom Line

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Sparks Tribune – BUSINESS
Jun 12, 2008
by Jessica Garcia

It’s the axiom of the Internet versus standard paper mailing: Technology has become the predominant source of information. Can two forms of advertising and marketing co-exist?

Kristy Crabtree Westward StrategyThey can – and they should, local businesswoman Kristy Crabtree said.

But making the transition to e-marketing might just give a business the edge it needs to attract new customers as well as retain current ones, she emphasized.

Crabtree’s company, Westward Strategy and Design Group, has been busy the past few months. With the launching of six Web sites for Reno and Sparks businesses, Crabtree spends her time consulting with businesses and showing them how a Web site can enhance their services.

“We try to be a full-service for online (needs),â€Â? said Crabtree, who opened Westward, her first business, two years ago.

Crabtree, along with marketing and design specialist Chris Gandolfo, consult with their clients to understand their advertising objectives and design Web sites to target their desired demographics, increase traffic hits and optimize Internet searches so their companies are found more easily.

Web marketing, Crabtree said, offers businesses som things that traditional methods of advertising doesn’t: the ability to evaluate results and effectiveness.

Westward can report to their clients how effective their sites are through analytics, which is the tracking of information about a Web site’s user: their location, how long they spend on the site and even what they’re interested in by the pages they visit.

Such background information helps Westward and other e-marketing companies determine whether the Web site’s information is effectively helping the company achieve its goals.

“With analytics, you can see an impact has been made to the bottom line,â€Â? Gandolfo said.

E-marketing has potential for businesses of any size. Westward is now focusing on rural clients, such as businesses in Winnemucca, for whom they are now building a site similar to for rural employers and job seekers.

Crabtree said having a site geared specifically on the local level allows these businesses to have more control over what they’re posting.

Westward’s clientele is a variety of businesses in different industries, all with different needs. One of the six companies that recently had their Web sites launched by Westward, ACS Business Insurance Services, Inc., had its former site redone to become more user-friendly, said ACS President Andy Perwein.

“We created more of a user-friendly site that would involve interaction from a quoting perspective,â€Â? Perwein said. “Prospective clients can go in and obtain quotes for themselves and family members on medical and life insurance.â€Â?

It creates easier access for the potential client, who can then call the company to talk to an agent further about their options. Hiring Westward Strategy was a good move for ACS, he said.

“I’ve known Kristy a long time and the e-marketing side of the equation was important to be able to get more traffic driven to our site,â€Â? Perwein said.

Still, ACS will continue using its traditional mailings and print advertising to promote its services, begging the question: Will e-marketing replace traditional means of advertising?

Carol Wenzel of Nevada Presort and Mail Marketing, said she doesn’t think so.

The Sparks-based business that sorts and meters individual and mass mailings hasn’t seen a significant decrease in services due to e-marketing because some people prefer the old-fashioned method of receiving materials in their mailbox, Wenzel said.

“I think people still prefer … to look at a pretty picture of something they might need instead of getting it in their e-mail,â€Â? she said. “I personally delete it (from my e-mail) because I don’t know I need it.â€Â?

Wenzel said if there has been a decrease in advertising mailers, it’s because of the slumping economy, not necessarily because businesses are taking their marketing online.

“You never know from day to day,â€Â? she said. “It goes back and forth.â€Â?

Crabtree said e-marketing is often cheaper than mailing out postcards and purchasing advertisements in local newspapers. She said designing a site, in general, often ranges from $500 to $25,000, depending on how sophisticated and complex the clients’ needs are.

“If it’s a site for an entrepreneur or sole proprietor, it’s cheap for them,â€Â? Crabtree said. “The rest are just bells and whistles.â€Â?

Regardless of price, Crabtree said if companies want greater success at bringing in customers, e-marketing is becoming the way to go. They might do well on traditional means of advertising, but without an online presence, “you’re missing out,â€Â? she said.

More information about Reno Web Design and Marketing
Photo by: Tribune/Debra Reid – Kristy Crabtree of Westward Strategy and Design Group poses with her photo of balloons at the Sparks Marina during Star Spangled Sparks.

Top 10 Rankings in under 2 weeks with 1 link

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Be sure to read the Update when you finish with this article.

You may have read Kristy’s post a couple weeks ago about launching a new website for Creating Effective Organizations, Inc..

That project started as a redesign of the client’s website but was shifted to developing a brand new web presence based on a brand new company name and identity. Of course with this large shift in focus also came a brand spanking new web address –

During development the url sat there with one image on it – the logo, and a little of text about what was going to be uncovered very shortly. We kept it bland because we had yet to target the content and pick our keywords. Behind the scenes it was anything but calm. We were deep into design and development, all the while working closely with the copywriter to launch a search engine optimized website one day one. An incredible amount of time had gone into keyword research and discovery before developing section and then page specific content around these chosen phrases.

On the development side it was business as usual – a table-less layout with structured markup utilizing appropriate headings, paragraphs, lists, etcetera. Presentation is handled by 4 (yes FOUR!) separate stylesheets to deliver attention-grabbing web design based on where the user is within the website. Interactive goodies include a slick UI for the free assessments as well as a custom content management system (CMS) on the back end.

For all of our search engine optimization preparedness, we launched the site with a global meta description and title. Figuring the client would have full control of these items down to the page level from within the CMS and they could update post launch in an effort to reduce development cost – the global data is still in place. We also had burned through our budget for link building and other online marketing initiatives, so it was going to be up to the client (with some consulting from us) to manage these items.

So, we launched the site with the hopes to train the client on the CMS within the first week. It didn’t happen. Due to conflicting schedules we completed training last Thursday – virtually two full weeks after launch.

So what does all of this have to do with the title of this post?

I checked the positioning of the website on Friday. Two weeks after the launch of a brand new website and with just one link from our blog, they have top ten rankings in Google for two phrases they were targeting with their old website that never cracked the top 100. They also have a top 20 ranking for another phrase and a sweet number 1 spot for a fourth term. The rankings break down as follows:

  • ceo skills development program – #1
  • skill development – #5
  • leadership skills development – #9
  • ceo lack of leadership – #11

Of course everyone is ecstatic, but we also realize we have a long, llloooonnnggg way to go! I will be monitoring traffic and rankings in the near future to make sure this was not a fluke thing and that we maintain these while building additional results.

Westward Strategy Launches 2 Northern Nevada Business Websites

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Creating Effective Organizations, Inc. of Reno Nevada, recently launched their new business website CEO takes your business to the next level specializing in consulting, leadership development, executive coaching and customized training. Take advantage of one of their 5 FREE online assessments specifically for: Corporations, Leadership, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals and Individuals.

Creating Effective Organziations, Inc Launches New Website

Ionic Water Technologies, Inc. of Reno Nevada, recently launched the first phase of their new business site IWT’s unique suite of products includes the patented Rotating Cylinder Treatment Systemâ„¢ (RCTSâ„¢), extensive expertise in sulfate reduction bioreactor construction and most recently, the application of Permanganate Passivation.

Ionic Water Technologies, Inc Launches New Website

IWC Website Recognized…Again!

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Boy was I surprised to pull up my unmatched style feed today and see Integrated Wealth Counselors right there! The site has managed to make it to quite a few CSS galleries, but this one is a big one. Anyone who calls themselves a designer knows (or at least should know) about unmatched style. It is an incredible, and often times inspirational, resource for web designers. So, to see one of our sites front and center on their site makes us blush just a little bit!

Congratulations to IWC and thanks to unmatched style!

Integrated Wealth Counselors Recognized Among 35 Corporate Websites

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It’s not every day a website you’re responsible for gets shown alongside IBM, Blackberry, Citrix and others. However, Integrated Wealth Counselors has been showcased as an exemplary corporate website for its quality web design alongside some of these behemoths of the corporate world.

35 Professional Looking Corporate Websites

Westward Strategy Welcomes New Friends

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Word seems to be traveling around Reno that when you work with Westward Strategy & Design Group of Sparks, you and your business get more than just a great website or email marketing campaign… you inherit a new strategic team devoted to your all around SUCCESS!

We wanted to say Thank You and Welcome to our New Friends…

  • Reno Sparks Chamber
  • Ionic Water Technologies
  • Lyman Public Relations
  • Dayton Valley Turf
  • Koonce Consulting
  • Recycled Furniture
  • The Pearl Planner

Give us a call (775) 626-8330 or visit:

Read Some Testimonials
View Some Work
Contact Us for a Website Appraisal

Integrated Wealth Counselors Website Recognized on CSS Mania

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Integrated Wealth Counselors - Designed by Westward Strategy
We are proud to announce that our client’s newly launched website has been picked up and showcased on and Web Creme: Integrated Wealth Counselors, LLC.

About Integrated Wealth Counselors, LLC.
Identifying Business Needs and Integrating Solutions in a Single Environment
Utilizing our professional team (either independent of or in conjunction with your existing professional advisors) we can help you identify your needs and bring essential services together for you in a single package.

Westward Strategy & Design Group Launches Three New Websites

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Our team at Westward Strategy & Design Group, LLC. recently launched three seperate websites for our local clients: ACS Business Insurance Services, Inc. of Sparks-Nevada, Integrated Wealth Counselors, LLC. of Reno-Nevada and Marv McQueary Excavating of Carson City-Nevada.

Allthough each business is in a completely different field of service ranging from Medical and Life Insurance to Business and Financial Planning an then to Excavating Dirt for the New Carson City Freeway, all three businesses had one goal in common – generate more traffic to their websites through Search Engine Optimization and Natural Search — and that’s just what we did.

ACS Business Insurance Services, Inc (775) 425-3233ACS Business Insurance Services, Inc. –

About ACS: ACS Business Insurance Services, Inc. provides you with quick access to health care plans and affordable health insurance quotes from leading medical insurance companies. Understanding your health care options is critical to finding affordable insurance coverage; whether you are looking for group health insurance for your small business or individual and family insurance.

Integrated Wealth Counselors, LLC.  (877) 572-0019 Integrated Wealth Counselors, LLC. –

About IWC: Identifying Business Needs and Integrating Solutions in a Single Environment
Utilizing our professional team (either independent of or in conjunction with your existing professional advisors) we can help you identify your needs and bring essential services together for you in a single package.

Marv McQueary Excavating (775) 246-3976 Marv McQueary Excavating –

About Marv McQueary Excavating: Marv McQueary Excavating, Inc., is a leader in public works, commercial, residential projects consisting of earthwork, underground utilities and paving for Northern Nevada and surrounding areas. Founded in 1979 by the McQueary family, Marv McQueary Excavating, Inc., has earned a solid reputation for dependability and customer satisfaction.


Coming Soon:

  • Winnemucca Works
  • Creating Effective Organizations

Nevada Insurance Agency Company Launches New Website

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Nevada Insurance Agency CompanyNevada Insurance Agency Company, has recently launched the company’s first corporate website at (Designed and Developed by the team at Westward Strategy & Design Group).

About Nevada Insurance Agency Company

In the past 72 years, Nevada Insurance Agency Company has grown into one of the state’s leading Insurance Agencies. We have never prided ourselves on numbers. Instead, we pride ourselves on client satisfaction.