It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are already peering at us from around the corner. If you’re like me, you are looking forward to the cornucopia of food that will be paraded about in the next few months. This year I’m trying to be proactive and actually get in shape a little bit before I pig out and then feel like crap. The same concept goes for your website. A little pre-holiday planning and maintenance can get your website fit and trim!1. Don’t OverstuffAvoid those urges to overstuff your site with keywords. Overstuffing typically settles in your meta tags, image alt attributes, and content.2. Use Your HeadingsUse your heading tags appropriately with very targeted keywords and phrases sprinkled throughout. Think about which keywords are the most important for that page and put them in your primary heading, secondary phrases should be put in subheadings.3. Pick Good ALTernativesDo you really need that 4th piece of grandma’s pumpkin pie? Probably not, have a carrot instead. Does your alt attribute really need 47 keywords in it? Probably not. Be selective and write your alt text for humans first and then fit in keywords where appropriate. You could also use this space for misspellings, just be careful about it. You can make it extra scrumptious by also using a title attribute. It’s like Cool Whip on your pie.4. Be FriendlyEveryone has that one family member that just plain annoys everyone else. Be a better person this year and be extra friendly to them. Write friendly URLs and you’ll get noticed by the search engines in a good way. Keep it short and sincere (in both instances).5. Stretch and Touch Your ToesIf you can’t see your toes, you might want to hit a treadmill once in a while. If you can’t see your sitemap, get to work making it visible from every page. Drop the pounds from your sitemap by cleaning out the old unused pages. Stretch out and touch more pages on your site by cross-linking to them in the body content of other pages.I hope these tips help get you, and your website, through the holiday season without wreaking havoc on your body!