Free Tool Friday: ExactFactor an Automated SEO Service

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  • February 26, 2010

Free Tool Friday – Tools that Help Small Businesses Succeed

Promote your website automatically in Google | Yahoo | Bing and more… ExactFactor is an automated SEO service which promotes your site in search engines with no previous knowledge required. Three easy steps, and you can begin getting better search results, more traffic and more customers.

Ok, Please note that this is just a tool and that there is no guarantee that you will receive more customer BUT… what ExactFactor can do is give you some insight into what keywords and phrases you are ranking for and where exactly you fall in the results.

I receive a weekly keyword analysis report that has been automatically created for Westward Strategy. Keywords and phrases such as Reno Web Design, Reno Web Marketing and Reno Web Designer help me, the business owner, have a better understanding of how people are finding my business and more importantly how they aren’t.

See example below of part of the report you receive from


Keyword Direction
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