Does a website created by in house IT or “graphics” people save money or cost money? Using your in-house people to create your corporate website could save a couple thousand dollars. It can also cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales.

Many CEOs think that the worst thing about having their website created in-house is its appearance. Most likely, a poor appearance is the least of your worries. Chances are your in-house people don’t know how to address your target audiences, incorporate your marketing strategies, emphasize your areas of specialization or worst of all, fail to recognize your unique selling proposition or competitive advantages.

Even if your in-house people consider all these points, do they know how to optimize the site so it can be found in a search engine? Do they know the latest techniques to make your site search engine friendly and optimized? Do they know how to properly market your website on the internet?

Will they employ the latest web standards when they build your site? Do they know web industry best practices to developing a site? Do they know the best information architecture for a website?

You should ask yourself, “Is this beyond the scope of their job requirements”? It is understandable to have employees wear many hats, especially in a small business, but having someone design or build your website in-house when this is not their primary function not only harms the final project outcome, but also devalues your employee.

Having experience in web design or search engine marketing is not the same as being a web designer or internet marketer.

Another aspect to consider is time. You’re asking an employee to split their time between their regular job duties and this new project, which can greatly hinder their ability to launch the site in a reasonable time frame. How many potential clients or sales can you afford to turn away while your website sits incomplete or displaying an “Under Construction” message?

A website that has an unprofessional appearance and doesn’t deliver your marketing message to your target audience can lead your prospective customers to think that your company is unprofessional and unable to deliver quality, cost, delivery and technology solutions. A company with a well-designed website that has relevant and well written content seems like a much better choice.