Opera Takes Microsoft to court over Internet Explorer

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  • December 14, 2007

That’s right, Opera has filed an antitrust complaint with the EU over Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Their primary complaint is that IE’s dominant market share is restricting the web standards movement and hindering the ability of the entire web development industry to grow by not properly supporting the standards set forth by the W3C, both legacy and modern standards.

As a side note they also want IE “detached” from Windows. So in an ideal world consumers would have more of a choice in their browser.

Personally, I file this in the “too little, too late” category. I applaud Opera for their noble effort to inflict overdue pain on M$ for their “modern browser”, but this should have been done at least 2 years ago and probably more like 5 years ago. This way it would have had a greater impact on their development of IE7. Developers everywhere thought M$ was finally going to support web standards in a much broader way with IE7, until we started testing the beta. Quickly it was discovered that IE6 bugs were just replaced with new, equally frustrating bugs in IE7. Now we’re left hacking our sites and applications not only for IE6, which still has the dominant market share, but also for this new PITA (IE7).

I just don’t see Opera winning this one by themselves. Maybe they should form a Web Standards Browser Coalition (WSBC?) with Mozilla/Firefox and some of the other browser developers to really call more attention to exactly what they are fighting for.

So I’ll be rooting for David (Opera) but betting on Goliath (Microsoft). How about you?