RFP – Random Friday Post

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  • September 12, 2008

RFP: Many Thank You’s

It’s Friday but truly my Wednesday and I’m feeling a little emotional and wanted to take a few minutes to say Thank You for everything that happened this last week and am very much looking forward to the next! Have a great weekend!

1. Thank You
– to the following new Nevada web design clients and new Oregon web design client for allowing all of us at Westward Strategy to work with you and your business. We truly appreciate the relationships.

Nevada Web Design and Nevada SEO Clients

Oregon Web Design

  • Paramount Bedding – Best Bedding in Oregon

2. Thank You to ‘The FNG’
– this was a great first week and we look forward to many more (well actually, I better take that back and give you another week before I make up my mind: HA – you know I’m kiddin’!)

3. Thank You Annie
– We’re getting you a spiked collar for that unleashed Bulldog I know you are. Your generiosity does not go without notice.

4. Thank You
– to everyone that still builds some things using tables so I don’t feel all that outdated.

5. Thank You Chris
– for burning a copy of the New Metallica CD: Happy Death Magnetic Day. I needed a break from JT.