RFP – Random Friday Post

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  • May 9, 2008

Web Monkey… HTML Snob… CSS Guru… Code Elitist… Stylesheet Wizard…

Yep, I’ve been called all of those names and more. Honestly, I’m ok with it because I recognize I have a problem. It’s called addiction. It’s an evil, vile thing that controls me like nothing else ever has. It causes cold sweats, blurry eyes and many late nights in front of my laptop. I call it “a love”, but I know better. It’s like a physical dependency on oxygen. I gotta have my xhtml and css!

Of course I am talking about being addicted to web design. If your heart is beating faster and your palms are sweating just from reading this you may be addicted too! Follow the link below to read the symptoms of this horrible addiction. If you find out you are addicted to web design, we may be able to help you feed your craving!

You Know You’re Addicted To Web Design If…