RFP – Random Friday Post (Last One of 2007!)

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  • December 28, 2007

Yeah it’s been posted everywhere and it has become old, flat and tired, but I don’t care! I am posting it again because it hits so close to home for those of us involved in this wacky web world that everyone needs to see it a few more times. So, what do you think 2008 will bring?

Here’s my predictions:

  • Everyone and their dog will say they do web design and SEO/SEM for $199 (or even $25). Nothing says craptastic quite like this!
  • Google will roll at least one update as large or larger than the PageRank Update before the end of summer. Some Internet Marketers will cry for their mommy.
  • More legacy web giants will shut their doors or be bought out.
  • Counter design trends (or anti-trends) will take over a considerable amount of the market. Too-huge, glossy buttons will go back into the designer’s toolbox. Watch for urbanized designs, especially in logos, to explode.
  • White will become the new black, which is actually blue.

Happy New Year!