We’re kicking off 2008 with part 3 of our Do’s and Don’ts series with some copywriting tips.

Do: Add new copy and/or update current copy on a regular basis. Search engine spiders like new content.
Do: Focus your copy on one or two keywords or phrases. Depending on the overall length of your copy also include 1-2 variations of your core keyword or phrase.
Do: Rewrite articles or press releases for each site you plan to submit them to.
Do: Keep the flow of the copy natural. Remember, you’re writing for your visitors first and the spiders second.
Don’t: Use exactly the same copy in multiple areas.
Don’t: Keyword stuff your content to the point where reading it does not make sense.
Don’t: Scrape content from multiple sites and post it to your own pages.
Don’t: Put blocks of copy in images. Search engine spiders can not read this copy.