SEO Tidbit – July 13th, 2009

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  • July 13, 2009

Once in a while an SEO tool comes along that becomes absolutely invaluable and so priceless that you ask yourself how you ever survived without it. One of those SEO tools that occupies a primary spot in my SEO tool belt is the SEO Blogger Plugin from Wordtracker. SEO Blogger allows you to do keyword research right from the same screen you are writing in. You don’t have to launch another application or open another tab in your browser. Simply launch the plugin from the link at the bottom of the page and you are all set. Type in a keyword and the tool will pull up all variations of that keyword and the number of searches. Add the keywords you want and the tool automatically shows you the number of times you have used that keyword or phrase in your blog post, allowing you to optimize your post as you write.

See you next week for another Tidbit!


  • marce_evangelista says:

    That's amazing. I now wonder which one is a better option because I've seen and used other utilities although a separate windows application like Copy Search.

  • westward says:

    I always use at least two keyword tools, but this is a nice quick reference if you already have a term in mind and need to find some variations of it.

  • socialmaker says:

    When it comes to seo services there are only a handful of companies who really know what they're doing. Only these know what content is all about, fixing site issues, URL canonicalization and rewrites and getting you a lot of links.

  • fittiings says:

    Thanks, I need this.