Testimonials, References and Real Outcomes Matter Most

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  • May 1, 2009

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - Westard Strategy Nevada Webdesign CompanyHow do you convert a business prospect into a believer that what you are selling holds the true value regardless of what your competitors are selling? It boils down to testimonials and references.

True Website and Marketing Testimonials, References and ‘Real’ Outcomes Matter Most
Testimonials are and should be considered true marketing if they are written honestly, with real facts and the ability for new business to contact your references direct if needed. They provide the much-needed ‘proof’ for waivering prospects and can be used to convert more easily if given the ability and access.

It’s easy for us at Westward to sell ourselves and make promises that we have businesses best interest in the forefront of our minds but it can be an up hill battle to sing our own praises when we have other website and online marketing competitors that might brow beat us simply by price. Inorder to be able to compete in such a saturated and competitive internet marketplace here are four tips for how we make honest and competitive use of our testimonials:

1) Westward doesn’t over-edit. Our testimonials work best when they are in real people language. The real written language helps our readers connect which demonstrates that we are an honest company looking out for our clients each and every day.

2) Westward uses testimonials that fit. We place appropriate testimonials along with a particular point that we are trying to make and back it up with facts. Call us on it if you want. We’d be happy to deliver the information.

3) Westward never fakes it. While testimonials are crucial, we don’t take the risk to fake them. We figured that most people have well-trained ‘this is a crock’ detector and they can smell a fake a mile away. If you would like a list of our references – contact me direct: info@westwardstrategy.com.

4) Westward always encourages specifics. Whether a client gives us a testimonial on their own or whether we ask them for one, we do ask our clients to be specific on how Westward helped them. Wouldn’t you want to know exactly what we did as far as specifics for the client rather than a bland – yeah Westward Strategy was great cause they just were!

Visit our testimonial page to read ‘real’ accounts of how Westward Strategy has been an asset to our clients or if you would like, contact me direct for a list of references at info@westwardstrategy.com.

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