The Power Behind Word of Mouth Marketing

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  • October 9, 2007

Word of Mouth Works Worldwide
OCTOBER 9, 2007

The unbiased opinion is trusted around the globe.

There are more marketing channels aimed at consumers than ever. Yet more than three-quarters of consumers surveyed worldwide find that consumer opinions are the most effective form of advertising, according to a Nielsen study.

Nielsen surveyed Internet users in 47 markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East on their attitudes toward many types of ads, including television, branded Web sites and consumer-generated content.

“The fact that consumers think opinions posted online are as trustworthy as brand Web sites speaks to the power of online reviews and recommendations,” said Debra Aho Williamson, senior analyst at eMarketer.

“It also means that marketers need to focus as much attention on what consumers say about their brands online as they do on creating the brand Web sites themselves,” Ms. Williamson said. “The easiest thing to do is to make consumer feedback an essential part of every brand Web site.”

Types of Advertising Trusted by Internet Users

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