Top 10 Rankings in under 2 weeks with 1 link

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  • June 7, 2008

Be sure to read the Update when you finish with this article.

You may have read Kristy’s post a couple weeks ago about launching a new website for Creating Effective Organizations, Inc..

That project started as a redesign of the client’s website but was shifted to developing a brand new web presence based on a brand new company name and identity. Of course with this large shift in focus also came a brand spanking new web address –

During development the url sat there with one image on it – the logo, and a little of text about what was going to be uncovered very shortly. We kept it bland because we had yet to target the content and pick our keywords. Behind the scenes it was anything but calm. We were deep into design and development, all the while working closely with the copywriter to launch a search engine optimized website one day one. An incredible amount of time had gone into keyword research and discovery before developing section and then page specific content around these chosen phrases.

On the development side it was business as usual – a table-less layout with structured markup utilizing appropriate headings, paragraphs, lists, etcetera. Presentation is handled by 4 (yes FOUR!) separate stylesheets to deliver attention-grabbing web design based on where the user is within the website. Interactive goodies include a slick UI for the free assessments as well as a custom content management system (CMS) on the back end.

For all of our search engine optimization preparedness, we launched the site with a global meta description and title. Figuring the client would have full control of these items down to the page level from within the CMS and they could update post launch in an effort to reduce development cost – the global data is still in place. We also had burned through our budget for link building and other online marketing initiatives, so it was going to be up to the client (with some consulting from us) to manage these items.

So, we launched the site with the hopes to train the client on the CMS within the first week. It didn’t happen. Due to conflicting schedules we completed training last Thursday – virtually two full weeks after launch.

So what does all of this have to do with the title of this post?

I checked the positioning of the website on Friday. Two weeks after the launch of a brand new website and with just one link from our blog, they have top ten rankings in Google for two phrases they were targeting with their old website that never cracked the top 100. They also have a top 20 ranking for another phrase and a sweet number 1 spot for a fourth term. The rankings break down as follows:

  • ceo skills development program – #1
  • skill development – #5
  • leadership skills development – #9
  • ceo lack of leadership – #11

Of course everyone is ecstatic, but we also realize we have a long, llloooonnnggg way to go! I will be monitoring traffic and rankings in the near future to make sure this was not a fluke thing and that we maintain these while building additional results.