Web Design Tidbit – July 27th, 2009

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  • July 27, 2009

Cheat sheets can be time and life savers. Even if you develop websites all the time there are probably more than a few html tags or CSS techniques that you forget on a regular basis. For me it’s the font-style property.

Even if you are a CSS and html rockstar (like yours truly!), it doesn’t hurt to have a few resources up your sleeve. Luckily for the purpose of this post, this Mega CSS Resource Roundup was just published this weekend. I can vouch for the quality of several of the CSS cheat sheets, the html entities resources and the layouts from Layout Gala. Also, if you haven’t been over to CSS Play you are missing out on an exceptional resource for all things CSS. You can also use the W3 Schools website as a quick reference for properties and all of their values – like the font-style property.

See you next week for another tidbit!