Westward Strategy Launches 2 Northern Nevada Business Websites

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  • May 23, 2008

Creating Effective Organizations, Inc. of Reno Nevada, recently launched their new business website www.creatingeffectiveorganizations.com. CEO takes your business to the next level specializing in consulting, leadership development, executive coaching and customized training. Take advantage of one of their 5 FREE online assessments specifically for: Corporations, Leadership, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals and Individuals.

Creating Effective Organziations, Inc Launches New Website

Ionic Water Technologies, Inc. of Reno Nevada, recently launched the first phase of their new business site www.iwtechnologies.com. IWT’s unique suite of products includes the patented Rotating Cylinder Treatment Systemâ„¢ (RCTSâ„¢), extensive expertise in sulfate reduction bioreactor construction and most recently, the application of Permanganate Passivation.

Ionic Water Technologies, Inc Launches New Website